Setup cPanel Cron Job

December 20, 2020

Setup cPanel Cron Job

Login to your cPanel and navigate to Cron jobs

Add the following settings :

Add a New Cron Job

wget -q -O-

Change the URL according to your base URL

  • Eq. if it’s on root domain you need to type only
  • Eq. on subfolder /crm you will need to type
  • If your base URL starts with https://, make sure that you configure the cron job URL to start with https://

Setup Plesk Cron Job

Refer to cPanel cron job examples to get your cron URL.

For Plesk use one of the following configurations:

If the first example is not working for you try this config:

Common issues

My server does not support wget command?

If your server does not support wget command you try one of the following commands:

If that doesn’t work, it probably means you don’t have the package php5-cli installed. On debian / ubuntu you can install this package as follows:

If you are not able to install packages, you can specify your path to php try the following command:

Replace username and installation_folder to fit your path.

If none of the commands are not working, you can use some free cron job service like Mostly the free cron job services have a limit to execute every 20 minutes but it will work well too with CRM.

Testing the cron job

In order to test if your cron job config works fine after you configure it, you can create custom staff reminder.

From the main menu click Customers -> [Customer] -> Reminders tab and create a reminder for your user with the nearest date eq if your time is 09:50 add reminder for 09:51. Wait 5 minutes the cron job to run to notify you, you should receive a notification inside the CRM, the notification should be visible on the top right side bell.

If you received the notification, then this means that the cron job config is properly configured.

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