CRM System Languages

December 21, 2020

Create New Language

In CRM you can easily change the language. You only need to translate all the strings based on your needs.
  1. Navigate to application/language and copy the default english folder.
  2. Rename the folder in the language you want to translate. eq. french
You must rename the files inside the folder you copied based on the main folder name eq. we renamed our new folder to french and in this folder, there are 2 files, english_lang.php and english_num_words_lang.php that should be renamed like this: french_lang.php and french_num_words_lang.php Translate all the strings via your favorite code editor and navigate to Setup -> Settings -> Localization you will see that your language is available in the drop down to select it and save changes. If the language you are trying to translate already exists in CRM files that come with the package its recommended to rename the folder/files eq. my_french and my_french_lang.php  
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