CRM Google Configuration / Features

CRM Google Configuration / Features

December 20, 2020

From version 2.2.0 Google configuration is moved into a separate config tab in Setup->Settings->Google, this will allow a clear overview of all related Google config and features integrated into CRM.

In order to start configuring your Google CRM related features, you will need to create (in case you don’t have one till now) a project into a Google Developers Console. You can use one project to manage all of your applications, or you can create a different project specific for CRM.

Because CRM is a standalone application and is installed on your server and you are the data controller and responsible for processing all the data, you will need to configure additional config on the Google Developers Console page.

Create New Google Developers Console Project

To get started, you need to first use the setup tool, which guides you through creating a project in the Google API Console, enabling the API, and creating credentials.

Generate API Key

Click on the top left sidebar toggle icon then APIs & Services -> Credentials to create new API key.

Click Create Credentials then from the drop-down select API Key

Add this API key in Setup->Settings->Google in the Google API Key input field, this will be your Google API key linked to CRM that will be used for various features.

Create OAuth client ID

The project OAuth client ID at the time this article is written is used only for the Google Drive Picker feature, if you don’t plan to use the Google Drive picker feature, you don’t need to generate OAuth client ID.

While you are on the credentials page, click Create credentials and then OAuth client ID

Google may ask you to set a product name on the consent screen, in most cases you will see this message “To create an OAuth client ID, you must first set a product name on the consent screen“, click on the right button Create consent screen and fill all the required fields, see below example of the consent.

After you create the consent, save and refresh the create OAuth client ID page, you should be able to start creating the OAuth client ID key as shown below.

In the Authorized Javascript Origins field, make sure that you enter the correct CRM installation domain name, or if you have installed CRM on subdomain, make sure you add the subdomain as authorized domain name. The Authorized Javascript Origins also should be the same domain name you added in consent Authorize domains area

After you create the OAuth client ID your credentials page should look like the image below.

You can now copy the client id and add this client id in CRM in Setup->Settings->Google->Google API Client ID.

Google Features

Google Drive Picker (from v2.2.0)

Prerequisite for this feature is to have already configured in CRM Google API Key and OAuth Client ID as explained above.

NOTE: This feature requires verification from Google, see below for more more information.

Google Drive Picker is a feature added in CRM in version 2.2.0, this feature will allow you to link your/staff members Google account and select files to be included in CRM directly from your Google Drive, similar feature exists in CRM with Dropbox.

Enable Google Drive API and Google Picker API Library

First, you need to enable the Google Drive and Google Picker API libraries in the project you created, to achieve this, click on the top left menu toggle then APIs & Services->Library and search for Google Drive, click on the library and then click Enable then perform new search for Google Picker API and enable it.


Enable Google Drive in CRM

The Google Drive feature is disabled by default and can be enabled once you configure the Google API Key, the OAuth Client ID and enabled the Google Drive Library, after ensuring this, in order to enable this feature, you can navigate to Setup->Settings->Google and set Enable Google Picker to Yes.

Authentication Google Drive

Once you enabled Google Drive Picker, navigate e.q. to some area where the Google Drive is available, for example, in this case, we will use the project files Google Drive and click on the right button Choose From Google Drive

A new popup will be shown to choose your Google account that you will grant access for the application.


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